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Sewage removal is essential during a sewage backup situation in a home or business. Using only a shop vacuum and a mop is not sufficient for sewage cleanup. In fact, we recommend not even attempting sewage cleanup yourself alone because of the hazards involved.

Sewage houses bacteria, infection, and parasites that can infect and harm those that handle sewage. Exposure to sewage can have severe effects on human health. Ailments cause by sewage could be as simple as the common cold or as severe as Hepatitis A. The best way to avoid contracting a sewage related ailment is to simply not expose yourself to it.

Why should you let us handle your sewage cleanup?

Our technicians are certified in sewage cleanup from the IICRC
Our technicians follow all safety regulations regarding sewage cleanup.
We have the appropriate equipment to handle sewage removal including protective suits, masks, and extraction tools.
We are insured, so you don't have to worry.
We are partnered with a vast network of trusted Professionals to help with Plumbing Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Pack Outs, and all other sewage cleanup related servic

Give us a call today at 678-916-7511. Let us clean up your sewage.

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