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Attention to Detail

Water Removal certified technicians respond quickly and immediately to your water emergency. With our 24/7 services, we’re available whenever you may experience unexpected water or sewage problems. Water Removal, water extractions is our expertise for our residential, industrial and commercial clients. When you’re faced with water flowing into your basement from a busted hot water heater or your company restroom toilets overflowing, we understand you have to have the water removed promptly. We realize your time is essential, and that’s why we provide advanced water removal strategies to expedite the situation with great planning and care.
After completely removing the water we will apply an industrial drying method to ensure excessive moisture has not been absorbed and saturated into the walls or within floor cavities. The quicker the surface is dried out the less opportunity for mold growth. Give us a call here at Atlanta Water Removal and Drying right away 678-916-7511.

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